Green-holidays - Marili Apartments and Studios in Paros, Parikia
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Marili Apartments is Going Green! Enjoy eco-friendly holidays.

Marili Apartments & Studios is Going Green, so our guests can reduce their carbon footprint while travelling and enjoy eco-friendly holidays in a sustainable rentals business.
• All plastic, glass and batteries used in the rooms, is taken to the municipal recycling bins.
• Organic waste is composted to be thrown back to Marili's garden for fertilizer, in order to have more tasty fruits and vegetables and more blooming flowers.
• The apartments' energy is covered fully by solar panels set on the rooftop, thus taking full advantage of the bright, Cycladic sun of Paros Island.
• All rooms have energy efficient doors & windows with double glazing for maximum insulation and low energy consumption.

.. and of course, guests of Marili enjoy home-made wine and fresh fruits and vegetables of the season, grown on the premises.

At Marili's Apartments and Studios we respect and protect the environment of the island, and we always try to find new ways to make our eco-friendly business go even greener!

COVID-19 Update:

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