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FAQs on Paros Island

How do I travel to Paros? Are there boat connections to other islands?
Travel to Paros is easy! In the summer, there are plenty of boat connections between Athens and Paros, either from the main port of Piraeus or from the port of Rafina (which is closer to the airport) and a few connections from the port of Lavrio.

Also, there are boat connections to other islands: Daily connections to Antiparos, Naxos, Syros, Santorini, Myconos and Amorgos, and frequent connections to Donousa, Koufonissi, Schinousa, Heraklia, Crete, Milos, Kimolos, Folegandros, Sikinos, Ios, Astypalea, Serifos, Anafi, Kea, Kithnos.

• Not all connections are on daily basis, so it is advisable that you check the boat schedules when organizing your trip.

• For July and August travelers, it is necessary that you book your boat tickets well in advance, especially those between Athens and Paros and between Crete and Paros.

• For boat itineraries and ticket sales visit: www.ferriesingreece.com

For connections between Paros and Antiparos, call: +30 22840 61485.
There are plenty of ferries that go to Antiparos all day long throughout the year, so no need to book ahead for this destination.

Can I use my credit card everywhere?
Credit cards are accepted at about a 60% of the shops and less in restaurants. At places like cafes & bars usually not. Some villas, rooms and studios rentals also take credit cards. Credit cards are generally accepted in most other services – especially those related with tourism.

Why do I have to throw toilet paper in the bin?
Because the drainage pipes are so small they will block in many places.

How much do I tip?
If you are happy with the service you have received, in coffee shops, restaurants and bars it's usual to leave a tip of around 10%. Sometimes on a menu you may find a note saying that service at 13% is included. It's not, at least not in the generally accepted sense. This is a throwback to the 80's when service staff were supposed to receive, (but rarely did), this amount as their pay. Even then not a tip as such.

Can I go into a church wearing shorts or a mini?
The short answer is no. The long answer is considerably less polite.

Where can I get medical treatment in an emergency?
In the capital of Paros, Parikia, there is a public health center (tel. +30 22843 60000) operating 24/7, sometimes also offering translation services for a few hours daily during the summer. There is also a private Medical Center in Parikia (tel. +30 22840 24410). First aid centers are located in most of the villages of Paros (Naoussa, Lefkes, Marpissa, Ageria, Kostos, Marmara).
Alternatively, there are private doctors of various specialties throughout the island.

You can find pharmacies in Parikia, Naoussa, Marpissa and Aliki.

Is the island offered for hikes?
Yes, there are plenty of walking routes throughout the island, but very few are signaled. To get from one place to another on foot, usually there is a combination of footpaths and roads that you need to follow.

Some of the most popular hikes are the well-signaled walking trails around the peninsula of the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros, at Ai Yiannis Detis in the bay of Naoussa.
Also, the mountainous trail from Lefkes to Prodromos village.

Some commercial maps and guides show a few old footpaths.

How can I rent a car or a motorbike?
There are numerous car and bike rental agencies throughout the island. You will need your driving license but leave a copy rather than the document itself with the rental agency. Check the details of any insurance you take out to avoid any nasty shocks should you have an accident and make sure of the condition, (i.e. scratches and other damages) of the car before you leave. Always wear seat-belts / helmets and never drink and drive.

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